Kanbanoo Changelog
The Kanban add-on for M-Files


Kanbanoo v2.3.2
(released on 2024-05-08)

  • Fixes exception when entering Kanbanoo in some configurations.
Kanbanoo v2.3.0 (signed)
(released on 2024-03-18)

  • App was signed by M-Files Inc. and can be used in the M-Files Cloud environments (shared or isolated service)
Kanbanoo v2.3.0
(released on 2024-03-11)

Note: This Kanbanoo version requires at least M-Files 22.3

  • Sort files of multi-file documents and related documents alphabetially
  • Sort child cards by object type and then title
  • Allow configuration of order of appearance for extra properties in Configure Board dialog, Card tab
  • Allow configuration of order of appearance for child card object types in Configure Board dialog, Child Card tab
  • Color scheme adapted to the new M-Files Desktop UI introduced in M-Files 24.1
  • Updated vault application framework from 2.3 to 23.6 for compatibility with M-Files Cloud
  • Bumped required M-Files version to 22.3
  • Added M-Files Admin Configuration section
  • Fix Kanbanoo not starting in offline mode / views
  • Fix card appearing in wrong sort order if moved by another Kanbanoo use
  • Fix exception if another user changes a card's workflow to one that isn't currently shown in Kanbanoo
  • Fix card become deselected when user clicks on a list scrollbar or a list or board header
  • Fix user tour becoming stuck in certain multi-board situations
Kanbanoo v1.20.6.7
(released on 2023-12-07)

  • Fix extra properties of real or number data type causing the user interface to freeze in web client
Kanbanoo v1.20.6.6
(released on 2023-11-20)

  • Automatically turn Show Child Cards on when users configure child cards in Configure Board dialog.
  • Improve performance for child cards referenced by many top-level cards.
  • Fix visual bug child card rendering multiple times when referenced by several top-level cards.
Kanbanoo v1.20.6
(released on 2023-11-14)

  • Allow any object type to be displayed as child card - configurable in Configure Board dialog. How to use: Using Child Cards.
    • Display number of child cards next to object type icon in the parent card's icon panel
    • Renamed top panel button from Show Assignments to Show Child Cards
  • Show child cards in web client
  • Enable "Open in M-Files" context menu item in web client
  • Allow Assign To Me context menu action on any object
  • Feedback dialog allows users to send rating and an optional message to Kanbanoo (accessible from Help menu and via a smiley button in the top panel for first-time users)
  • Fix HTML bug in Help menu
  • Fix Assign To Me - now working on web client when AssignedTo property is missing on object
Kanbanoo v1.18.9
(released on 2023-09-19)

  • Fix mixed mode error in web client when web server is running on https protocol
Kanbanoo v1.18.8
(released on 2023-09-07)

  • Display icons for value list items of additional properties
  • Don't show a property if it isn't on the metadata card of the object in question or the value is NULL (i.e. not set)
  • Only display multiline text properties when the card is expanded
  • Show workflow icon in board header
  • Update display after manually creating a separate assignment so users see it immediately
  • Automatically scroll a selected card into view (helps to spot newly created cards)
  • Visual tweaks to board tabs
  • Fix exception after removing extra property using the configure board dialog
  • Fix extra properties not showing if they are not value list types
  • Fix exception in scrollItemIntoViewIfNeeded()
  • Fix list headers being compressed in a multi-board setting in desktop client with lots of cards per list.
  • Fix cards not rendering in full detail when changes come via backend (other user updated card)
  • Fix error when attempting to drag a checked out assignment to the Done column
Kanbanoo v1.17.17
(released on 2023-07-25)

  • Show each board in a separate tab if more than one board present in the current M-Files view
  • Make each list scrollable independently so list headers always remain visible
  • Support completing, approving and rejecting assignments in web client
  • Show comments icon and number in web client
  • Indicate unsaved board or list settings by showing a star (*) next to board title
  • Performance improvement when start dragging a card with hundreds of cards present
  • Performance improvement at inital load of a Kanbanoo by showing simplified cards initally and loading full card info only for visible cards
  • Fix F5 triggering a browser page reload in web client
Kanbanoo v1.15.20.1
(released on 2023-06-10)

  • Improve drag & drop user experience: collapse cards while dragging and indicate target drop location by showing a placeholder
  • Performance improvement by lazy loading related documents and assignments and title images only for currently visible cards
  • Performance improvement when redrawing or reloading
  • Performance improvement at initial load of a Kanban board
  • Show message when a view contains no objects that can be displayed in a Kanbanoo board
  • Pressing F5 or the reload button will now reload and redraw all visible items
  • Fixed board column width for more consistent appearance
  • Avoid unnecessary updates of M-Files selection and speed improvement
  • Added/fixed support for drag and drop of external files on cards for web client
  • Fix sort order not being saved when making workflow transitions using the card's context menu
  • Fix visual bugs in board policy dialogs (mainly on web client)
Kanbanoo v1.14.6
(released on 2023-04-13)

  • Support for electronic signatures
  • Additional Properties are now always shown - even if cards are not expanded
  • Board settings (board policy, list order and colors) are now common to all grouping levels beneath a view
  • Item sort order is managed for each grouping level (property folder) separately
  • If the view is Assigned To Me or below, the sort order of cards will be user-specific
  • Show Title Image is now by default off
  • Ready-only users can drag & drop cards - changing sort order works but changing workflow state prevented by M-Files server
  • Update card display if a sub-assignment has been edited on metadata card by current user
  • Show workflow state icons in web client
  • New: users with manage common views role can blacklist views to prevent users to start Kanbanoo in them
  • Remove unnecessary calls to obtain authentication token in web client
  • Fix Undo CheckOut not updating display in web client
  • Fix failed operations not undoing checkout in web client
  • Fix card remaining on board even if its workflow has been changed
  • Fix additional properties displaying as empty on web client
  • Fix user board settings (lists minimized) being disregarded if no common board settings exist
  • Fix Card Tour getting hung if additional properties exist or a sub-assignment has assignment details
  • Card Tour: display message if no cards are visible. Fallback if no card has assignment details
  • Added EULA display, download and acceptance dialog (shows once per vault)
  • Breaking change: improved saving of board settings to prevent users with different visibility of objects to overwrite their settings (e.g. Assigned to Me view). This change will reset user-specific state of minimized Kanban columns. Settings will be converted on-the-fly by the first client that encounters them.
Kanbanoo v1.12.5
(released on 2023-03-08)

  • New: F1 hotkey launches default browser with online User Guide
  • Improve performance when many cards are shown
  • Fix issue of Kanbanoo not backing down when another dashboard app (e.g. ViewExtensions) tries to replace Kanbanoo
  • Fix error that prevented use with M-Files web client on the FireFox browser
  • Fix hotkeys not being captured consistently due to lost input focus
Kanbanoo v1.20.6.6
(released on 2023-11-20)

  • Automatically turn Show Child Cards on when users configure child cards in Configure Board dialog.
  • Improve performance for child cards referenced by many top-level cards.
  • Fix visual bug child card rendering multiple times when referenced by several top-level cards.