Accessing Kanbanoo

To access Kanbanoo, navigate to any M-Files view that contains the documents or objects that you want to display on the Kanban board and then press the Show Kanbanoo button in the M-Files task area.

You may have to first fold out the task area by pressing the handle to the left of the M-Files client window.

Returning to the default M-Files view

To return to the default M-Files view, press the
Hide Kanbanoo button in the M-Files task area or simply navigate to another view.
Screenshot with Show Kanbanoo button highlighted in the task pane


If you do not see the
Show Kanbanoo button it could have one of the following reasons:
  1. The Kanbanoo add-on is not installed to that particular vault - confirm with your M-Files administrator
  2. The view contains no objects
  3. The view is one of the forbidden views listed below
  4. Kanbanoo has been disabled for that view by someone else (view is blacklisted)
  5. A bug has prevented Kanbanoo from starting - please contact support if you believe this is the case.

Forbidden views

For the following views displaying a Kanban board is disabled:
  • Checked out to Me
  • Recently Accessed by Me
  • Recently Modified by Me
  • Latest Searches
  • Offline
  • Marked for Offline Availability
  • Templates
  • View By ID a.k.a. ID2 view

If you encounter any problems please write to to ask for help.