Configuring Child Cards

Kanbanoo can display related objects as so-called child cards underneath a top-level parent card. This can be used to break down a larger task into separate assignments or other object types. For example showing the CAPAs related to an Issue in M-Files QMS. By default Kanbanoo will show only assignments as child cards but users with Manage Common Views role can configure other object types.
Sample Kanbanoo card with Project property displayed
An Issue as Kanban card with two CAPA child cards.

A Kanban board for Issues Processing with Issue objects at top-level and related CAPAs as child cards.

Defining Object Types to Show

This operation requires the Manage Common Views role as it will apply to all users of the board.

Here is how to do it:
  1. Right-click on the board's header to bring up the board context menu.
  2. Select Configure Board....
  3. In the Manage Board dialog navigate to the Child Cards tab.
  4. Double-click (or select and press the Add button) on any object type in the left pane to add it to the set of types to display.
  5. Use the Search field to narrow down the list of object types.
  6. Double-click (or select and press the Remove button) on an object type in the right pane to remove it.
  7. To change the appearance order, select any object type in the right pane and click the up and down arrow buttons to rearrange.
  8. Press Save to confirm your choice and close the dialog.
  9. Make sure Show Child Cards is checked in the Kanbanoo top panel.

The configuration will be saved persistently in the M-Files Named Value Storage.
Note that the configuration is specific to the view where the Kanban board is hosted and specific to the board (workflow).

This feature was introduced in version 1.20. Changing the appearance order was introduced in version 2.3.0.
If your dialog doesn't look like in the screenshot ask your M-Files administrator to update the Kanbanoo add-on to the most recent version.

Child cards will be shown only if the Show Child Cards switch is checked in the top panel.
Kanbanoo Configure board dialog with Card tab
The Child Cards tab of the Manage Board dialog allows you to select the object types to display as child cards.


  • You can remove assignments from the list of types to display
  • You can select more than one object type.
  • Child cards are only shown for the currently selected top-level card. If you have just turned the feature on you may have to deselect the card and select it again for the child cards to show.
  • To create a new child card, select a top-level card and then use the M-Files Create button (+) to create the appropriate object. M-Files will automatically create the necessary relationship, see Using Child Cards.

If you encounter any problems please write to to ask for help.