Using Child Cards

Sometimes large tasks need to be broken down to smaller units or there is a need to record approvals for an M-Files document or object. Kanbanoo can display related M-Files objects - like separate assignments - as child cards slightly indented immediately below the parent card. These so-called child cards are displayed when the parent card is selected and expanded.
Prerequisite is that the
Show Child Cards option Show Assignments button is checked in the top panel and you have configured the desired object type(s) to be shown as child card as decribed in Configuring Child Cards.

The number of child assignments is displayed on the parent card next to the checkbox icon. Once all child assignments are completed the checkbox icon will be highlighted in green. For other object types the number of child objects of that type is displayed on the parent card next to the icon corresponding to that object type.

Creating a Child Card

To manually create a child card:
  1. Select the parent Kanban card.
  2. Press the M-Files Create button (big plus symbol) or press the appropriate button in the Create section of the M-Files task area.
  3. Select the desired object type from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill out the metadata card of the object, check "Check in immediately" and press Create

If the new child card does not appear, press the Reload
button in the top panel or chose Reload from the parent card's context menu.


You can use child (i.e. separate) assignments to create a checklist of tasks to complete before a main piece of work is considered done.

If you encounter any problems please write to to ask for help.